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Bally Technologies Signs Contract With Fantasy Springs Casino

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The world of casino gambling is growing in almost every state in America, so to stay ahead of rival casinos, one has to be more user friendly than the next, that is why Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, California has teamed with Bally Technologies.


The main idea behind any casino operation is to stay ahead of the game and be on the cutting edge of technology, that is what Fantasy Springs believes they have done.

In signing a deal with Bally Technologies, the casino now will have use of bonusing technology, a table games management solution and 2000 IVIEW slot machine displays.

The new technology will allow players to be linked to Bally Power Winners, a random progressive jackpot technology that rewards players that use their players club cards.

The major thing that will happen in a few months and will make Fantasy Springs the most technology advanced in the world, will be the installation of powercash, that will be used through the IVIEW displays.


The way powercash will operate is by players enrolling in the casinos players club program, then they will be able to access funds from their financial accounts while never leaving their slot machines.

The way this will happen is players will request funds from their accounts, which will be transferred to their players club accounts, and then, in turn, transfer down to the machine that the player is playing at the amount of money that they wish to use.

With Fantasy Springs leading the pack into the next wave of casino gambling, it will not be long until other casinos around the country follow with all of the advancing technology.

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