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Bidding War For Massachusetts Casino Set To Attract Big Names

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Move over Red Sox and Patriots, there soon could be a new form of entertainment gripping Massachusetts, casino gambling. As with most other states, Massachusetts appears ready to enter the world of casino gambling, and that means some big names will try to get a piece of the action.

The Governor of Massachusetts has given his recommendation, and part of what was outlined was the addition of four state licenses for gambling.

Upon hearing of the news, some big name company’s have already expressed their interest in the northeast area.

Steve Wynn of Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas has said that he would be interested in bidding on one of the licenses.

The MGM Mirage is another of the Las Vegas based casinos that is expected to put a bid in to the state.

One of the most outspoken potential candidates is Sheldon Adelson, who runs the Las Vegas Sands Corporation. The Venetian Resort is the corporations prized Las Vegas casino, and they also have resorts in both Singapore and Macau.


Another interesting candidate is Harrah’s Entertainment. Their chief executive Gary Loveman lives in the Boston suburbs and is a former Harvard Business School professor.

The interest in the licenses is not only coming from out of state as the four racetracks in the state are also expected to put bids in. The outcome, however, would not affect the racing, as the groups have all said they would continue live racing even if they offered other gambling options.


Pinnacle Bringing Casino Gambling To New Level in Louisiana


Casino’s are no longer just places for people to go and gamble, they are now vacation destinations where there are many different activities such as dinner shows, concerts, restaurants, and shopping.

Now actual living facilities can be added to that ever growing list of luxuries. Pinnacle Entertainment has secured 550 acres of land in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and they are not only bringing a new casino to the area, their creating their own little community. The state board in Louisiana signed off on a plan that would bring a hotel and gaming entertainment resort to the area. There will be several phases to the project, the first of which will be a a riverboat casino with 50 table games, a 100 guestroom hotel, and 1500 slot machines.

The next phases of the plan is where things get interesting. Pinnacle plans to build a residential community on the land that will hold upwards of 450 single family homes. 240 multifamily units will also be built along with an additional 100 guestroom hotel expansion and 100 guestroom extended stay hotel. The entertainment will also be much more expansive as a tennis club, an equestrian center, and a tennis club will also be built, along with a spa. The Pinnacle group appears set to take the next step and bring the gambling atmosphere to a level that has never before been seen, not even in Las Vegas.

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