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Cash Doesn’t Ride Anymore at Las Vegas Casinos

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If you travel to Las Vegas, don’t expect to debonairly walk to a card table or roulette wheel, throw down some cash, and proclaim, “Let it ride”. That’s because money no longer plays in Vegas.

It used to be traditional that, if you didn’t plan on staying for a length of time at one spot, didn’t want to bother buying chips, or just felt like playing the big shot, you could bypass chip purchasing and just place your cash down on your bet. The dealer would shout, “Money plays!”, letting the pit boss know a cash bet had been placed, and play would begin. If you won, you took back your bills, as well as chips from the casino. If you lost, your money disappeared into a lock-box, as if you’d purchased chips and lost.

Now, due to new Nevada laws which went into effect this summer, money can no longer be accepted on a wager. The player must exchange his money for chips, which have become the only acceptable token for betting.

Gary Ivanov, table supervisor at the Rio Hotel and Casino, says the new laws are designed to make sure every dollar is properly taxed.

“The state can keep track of every dollar that is placed in the lock-box. Cash plays that won were never recorded before, and were not being taxed,” Ivanov said.

So, be sure to get to the table with plenty of time to buy chips. No longer can a player suddenly get a feeling, race to a roulette wheel, and throw down a hundred-dollar bill on black; he might be forced to miss his chance as the dealer intones, “No cash plays.”


Spain Building A Casino Gambling Region Comparable To Las Vegas


First it was Macau, now it appears that Spain is ready to go after the money and publicity that come with having a casino region.

Europe has been slow to enter the casino gambling market, but they are prepared to make a big splash. A desert region in Eastern Spain is the site for what will be a massive vacation destination.

Developers have announced plans to build two theme parks, a race course, a stadium, and thirty two hotel casinos.

The twenty five billion dollar project is going to be called Gran Escala, which in Spanish means large scale. Investors will come from International Leisure Development.

All of the signs are there that this will be a monster in the casino gambling world.

The destination is easily accessible by all forms of transportation from cars, to planes and trains.

When completed, the area is expected to bring in over twenty five million visitors.

The themes of the casinos will be a sight to see as they will be modeled to cover all of Europe’s history. The Italian Renaissance, Ancient Greece, and Pharaonic Egypt are some of the themes that will be on display.

The project will be done in stages. Two other additions to the project will also be a history of spies and the secret service, in a place called Spyland, and a water park.

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